The Jesse Marroquin Cowboy Hat Rack

Hello and thank you for your business. I greatly appreciate you being our customer, and hope you enjoy my custom made Cowboys Hat Racks design and style. A little of myself,  I’d like to start by thanking my good Lord and savior Jesus Christ for his blessings and allowing me to live my life, with my family Wife & Son, Dad & Mom who raised 7 and gave us what they could in the farm. Living off the land was the most beautiful life you can ever imagine growing up in. My most precious memories were the smell of rain and wet dirt before the storm while Dad plowed the fields on his F A R M A L L Tractor and Mom making dinner. Mmmmm the smell of home made tortillas. Those winter hunts with Dad, family and friends rattling horns down a sendero “path” and hearing the cracking of the mesquite trees from the cold breeze blowing through the brush while eating pecans and his favorite lemon drop candies waiting on the Big buck. “How I miss those days”! 

How I came up with this idea? I’m a South Texas native and have been singing and writing music for 20 plus years. It was around 2 am after a show performance. As I left the event I didn’t have anywhere to place my hat. Well, I placed it on the dash board and on the first turn headed home, there went my cowboy hat to the floor. My hair stood up on my neck and while seeing my favorite hat on the floor. When I got home,  I  saw my Dad’s old rope in my truck I had an epiphany and well, the beginning of a new era for holding my hats began. We would enjoy hearing from you thank you again kindly and God bless.

All the best

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